deal of the century.

This is my last week before I start work up here in Manhattan!  There were some terrible glitches with the recruitment department where I'll be working, but it's given me an opportunity to have extra time to relax, get to know manhattan, and see fiance.  We've been out of town the past three weekends.  It has been great seeing family and friends but I'm ready to spend time together in our home here in Manhattan.  Because of his busy hours I pretty much only see him on the weekends if he's not working and at lunch time if we're both free to meet up for a quick lunch (less than 20 minutes generally).  Sometimes I get to relax in the couch with him before going to bed, but recently I've been going to bed before he gets home (despite trying to stay awake!).  I definitely understood this is how it would be, so it doesn't upset me it's just not the easiest.  Either way, I see him more now than when we were 240 miles apart!  Unfortunately I'll be working every other weekend once I start, so it'll cut the time we do get to see each other down drastically, but c'est la vie.

So that was a random tangent on the road of me telling you about the best deal of the century.  We were on our way to the beach this past weekend and needed to get some socks for my man, so we stopped at the outlets.  I, of course, couldn't resist going into the kate spade outlet.  I really wanted to buy a beautiful black evening bag but I refrained! Aren't you proud?!  I'm so good at saving money!  (just kidding, i'm terrible at it..) 
I got this dress. 
How fab is it?  I didn't even think of wearing it with red pumps until I saw this picture, I was planning on gold or nude.  The dress is a simple purple shift that has beautiful beadwork around the neck and on the pockets. Here's a closeup of the neckline.
And the one I purchased.
Originally priced at $425. All of the clothes in the store were 50% off the lowest marked price.
you do the math.  (plus tax it was under $38) you can't beat that with a stick!

There were only two left in the store before I purchased mine.  They had some other great clothes but nothing as fabulously priced as this dress.  So hurry up to your closest Kate Spade outlet and see if they have something for you!  I also recently saw some stellar shorts, capris, and skirts at a Nordstroms Rack.  You never know what you will find!

I hope you all are having a fabulous summer.  As you can tell, my posting has been a bit sporatic, but once I settle into my new job hopefully you will get more reliable and frequent updates.  Maybe even some pics of the apt.