Have y'all heard of Pinterest?  It's an online site that acts as a bulletin/inspiration board where you can "pin" various pictures from the world wide web.  I've heard so many people that are addicted to it, but I hadn't quite gotten on that bandwagon.

Well today I started using it to "pin" some wedding inspiration pictures.  I'm in the blissful stage of wedding planning where I don't really have to do much but enjoy being engaged to the love of my life.  We booked the ceremony and reception sites just because the chapel where we want to have our wedding ceremony fills it's few spots early.  I wanted a May wedding, but they were already booked for 2012!! So we chose a beautiful weekend in September 2012.  Technically it's a summer date but seeing as how we're having an (almost) fall wedding I refuse to have the typical colors of deep orange and brown with pumpkins everywhere.

Besides coming up with a rough guest list and a budget (both terribly annoying and depressing things), I get to look at pictures in magazines and online to start pulling things I like.  Then I can see if the man likes them too and eventually we will come up with something perfect for us.

It's mostly from SMP and 100Layer Cake. It will continue to grow, believe me!

(i think you can friend people on pinterest too, but i don't really know how to do that or how to work it all....but if you're someone out there who does know feel free to add me!)