i'm still here

Hello my loves,  I'm just checking in.  I hope you all have kept cool in this heat.  Today, my zip code's weather report showed a temperature of "feels like 101 degrees."  This past week I have been attempting to pack, squeezing in time with family and friends, attending beautiful wedding festivities of J&P and celebrating my little brother's birthday.

The packing is driving me a little nuts because instead of just packing up all of my possessions I have to determine what goes into the trash, what goes to manhattan, what is being stored in my storage unit, and what is going back to my mom's house in bethesda.  Plus my condo is a TOTAL mess during this packing stage and when my condo is a mess, I become a little unraveled myself.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but it's quite daunting and lonely of a task to attempt to pack up an entire condo oneself.  It seems like every time I pack up a box it takes forever and then I just look around my place to find so much left.  Sometimes I just stand in the middle of my condo looking around, trying to find the next thing to tackle.  My friend Emily is going through a similar situation and she nailed the feeling:  direct quote "it's like those huge bowls of pasta that you eat and eat and eat and look down and there's no dent in it.  but worse, bc it's not yummy pasta"

It's definitely getting to me.  and not in a good way.  Although I am excited to see boyfriend again.. hopefully this will be the last long distance stretch for us and we won't have to spend much time apart now that we'll be back in the same city!

As you can probably tell, I've been quite the procrastinator when it comes to packing.  I think it will all get done but between now and moving day I still have to work a number of shifts, visit with fam and friends, make a 24 hour trip to NYC to do paperwork, and pack up a U-haul.  So there's a bit of a time crunch.  ....Which is why I like to take an exorbitant amount of breaks every time I pack.  I've watched a few movies and caught up on my online mags.  I just read Adore mag, which I can only read on my laptop.  I'll hopefully share the saved images I have of Lonny and Matchbook next time I'm on my iPad.

I've been trying to decide if I should spring for a Moroccan or Turkish rug for our bedroom.  I have had my eye on the West Elm Safari rug as you all know, but I think one of these colorful beauties might be even better.  I love a crisp white bed and light colors in the bedroom which is supposed to be an oasis of sorts, but a statement rug would ground the whole room.

When I came across these in Adore Home Mag I was further convinced I should get one...
What do you think?
(especially the first two!)

 the picture below is not posted here for the rug but for the amazing colors!  mix them all together and weave me a rug out of them!

So hopefully you can last for a few days on this long post, because as you can tell I have a lot of my plate at the moment (and it doesn't seem to be getting any less!).  But bear with me, because I'm sure to have some great stories and pictures as I begin to decorate a new apartment and figure out how we're going to manage our small space.