i haven't turned goth.

I hope no one has been worried about me and my black nail polish!  There's an indescribable pull that makes you choose a color when you open that case of 30 or so different bottles.  Just to show you all that I have not gone goth, I have a couple of pictures of my recently pedicured toes and my self-manicured fingers. (excuse the super short fingernails, as a nurse it's practically impossible to keep them long!)

So besides sprucing up my nails, I have been hard at work packing and organizing.  All of my kitchen cabinets are empty besides one with some bare necessities and plastic cutlery.  There are three major piles of boxes/bags in my condo: NYC, Goodwill and storage.  It's a bit of a mess but I'm tackling it piece by piece.

 And below, my TV watching area.  It's fun and a little like a fort.

I thought you all might like to take a look at my new closet too while we're at it....

So Classy!

So I have about nine more days left in Arlington....