gallery wall

Hello All!  

The move went fairly well.  It was a little emotional for a minute there as you can probably tell from the post of the empty condo.  I hired movers for the move and it was worth every penny!  The week before I moved to NYC I had to come up to do paperwork and drove up with my rugs and valuables.  I thought placing the rugs before the movers came was a wise idea.  Boyfriend  Fiance (still strange to say..) and I had to talk in depth about what furniture we were going to keep between the two of us.  We kept my (massive) couch, bookshelf/desk, console table, rugs, bedside table and his TV, bed, coffee table, bedside table, dresser, kitchen island. 

Here's what the apt looked like before the movers came. 

The couch could only fit one direction in the room due to that stupid radiator! uggh. It would be perfect without the silly thing.  poor placement.

Anyhoo, the MASSIVE TV blocked some of the pieces on the wall where fiance had already started placing artwork (as seen in picture above), so we had to rearrange it all.   I meant to take a picture of the wall before we started, but here it is in progress.  We assembled the artwork we wanted to go on the wall and I made paper templates of each piece.  This way you can rearrange pieces before nailing into the wall. 
See the gold round piece?  That's the moroccan side table that I had in my living room in VA.  It didn't fit as a table up here, so it got hung on the wall.  It's always been a table but my grandfather always had it on his wall.  I guess it was meant to be!

You also get a little snapshot of fiance drilling holes in the wall.  At one point he had to do work, during which time I got bored and attempted to hang one or two pieces.  Of course with him watching I totally messed it up so I was  banned from the hammer and hanging.

Here's the final wall (one of the pieces needs picture wire on the back of it, so it's still a piece of paper, but otherwise everything is up!).  I love it!  
as with all pics, click to enlarge

A few close ups:
(painting I made for fiance to go on the wall, it has meaning behind it)
a leftover floorboard from my condo that I brought up with me.  
we each carved our initials into it and I made a heart around them. 

This is in the bedroom.  It's hanging on a hook where a previous picture was.  It drives me crazy that it's not over the bed, and we'll probably move it but after all of the other pieces that had to be hung, fiance attempted to convince me it looks just perfect right where it is..... ha!
 one must never forget..

 Here's the desk/bookshelf system with a mixture of both of our trinkets.  I've changed it a few times already and I'm sure it will be ever-changing but for now I think it works.
 and here's my clover plant which recently got re-potted but seems to be quite happy in manhattan despite a very considerable drop in the amount of sunlight it gets

Despite the few sad moments, I am so completely happy to be up here with my love.  I'm sure it will be an adjustment and I have yet to start my new job, but thus far I have seen five of my absolute best friends and am excited to have even more amazing times with them all!  Manhattan is exciting and there is a lot to do.

I'm looking forward to turning this apartment into a wonderful home for the two of us.  I know there's a bit too much pink throughout the place which is leftover from my bachelorette pad.  Hopefully we can transition away from that but I'm lucky to say that I have a wonderful man who doesn't mind it.  He's given me somewhat free reign to decorate!