Sorry for the radio silence y'all.  I've been up in NYC with boyfriend for what ended up being a long weekend off for me.  He had four apartment guests so it was a lot of fun.  At one point I left them for awhile as they all went out for more touring around the city during which time they ended up at a bar.  Seemed to be a recurrent theme of the weekend, my liver definitely needs a break.
 No one wanted to come to the "rug sale" with me, but of course that most certainly did not stop me.  So I hopped on the NQR and headed down to ABC Carpet & Home. 

There were some great deals, with prices as low as $150 and upwards of $5000. 
 The stock was out of control.  This is just one of about 10-15 piles of rugs.
 I fell in love with this rug, but decided that because I was searching for a bedroom rug that I am not going to be using the color green in the bedroom.  I wanted to buy it anyway but have no where to put it. tear.
 There were multiple zig zag rugs to be seen.
This picture does absolutely no justice to the rug below (all pictures from my iphone so they're not the greatest), but this grey rug with white and navy medallions on it would be perfect as a jumping off point for the bedroom.  I decided I would get it if they had it in an 8x10, because this one is slightly smaller than 5x7.  Unfortunately this was the largest they had.  so I refrained
(i must admit it looks terrible in this picture!)
 I  left empty handed and met up with everyone at the bar and we headed to the Yankees game.  Worst seats in the house but an absolute great time was had by all.  Of course it was just the start to the night.  And my Uncle Charlie was proud of me for being at a Yanks game.