to honor and obey

Did you all catch the royal wedding?  I saw bits of it while running from room to room on the unit at 5-7am on night shift.  We convinced one of our patients that we should watch the wedding, so most of us were in her room.   Of course I missed some of the key moments, but luckily for me I had DVR'd the wedding on E! and was able to fast forward through it.

I think Kate looked perfect and designed a gorgeous dress.  I have a soft spot for lace wedding dresses for some reason. It was fitting for a modern princess, although her sister Pippa blew her out of the water.  We were all loving her dress, I can see that replicated more than Kate's.  Kate's reception dress showed off her insanely tiny waist and will probably also be replicated.

Anyway, I just want to touch on a little something about the royal wedding that peeves me.  Why isn't William wearing a wedding band?  pardon my french but that is just bullshit.  I won't go any further than that.