i hate to say it

i'm moving.

I haven't been around on HSSH recently because I'm working on my move to Manhattan.  I put in my letter of resignation and have since been telling family and friends about the move.  I've just been trying to figure out when and how I should tell you all (who are probably mostly just friends and family anyway).

yes, it's a sad sad day.  

I'm going to be moving from the condo at the end of June.  I'm going up to the concrete jungle that dreams are made of and hopeit fulfills the name.  It's been a long process to make this decision but as I've said a few times, long distance is the wrong distance.  I'm excited to be able to spend more time with boyfriend and my best friends up in NYC.   You just can't say no to someone you love when they need to make a move or change for their happiness and career.  I don't want to continue being apart, so this is the best option to make it all work out.  I have a new job up there and am definitely looking forward to the next step in my career, it's a much needed transition.   It will be a scary but beautiful new time in my life.

Although I love my condo and I wish I could stay and work on this home (specifically the bathroom and kitchen, plus a great gallery wall), life isn't about material goods.  It's about those you love.  

Thus far I believe I will continue to blog.  I very much enjoy blogging and I think I'll keep it up. The whole time we were talking about my potential move boyfriend kept saying "just think of how many great things you'll have to blog about and how many changes you can make to a new apartment!"  At least we're looking on the bright side.  So now HSSH will take a turn to include the joys of being a landlord, the process of moving, and the challenges of two people living in a small manhattan apartment.  We both have to move things into storage (at our wonderful parents' homes), throw out unused items, and take it down to bare-bones in order for us to live peacefully, so it will be interesting. It's going to be absolutely amazing and I hope you are ready to join me on this journey!