I just finished perusing the first issue of Trad Home.  247 pages!! It was quite inspiring with so many beautiful homes.  I quite enjoyed the different takes on "what traditional means to me" by various designers.  You should take a look at it.  I could probably go back through it another two or three times and each time find new items to love. 

Take a look at some of my favorite quotes, rooms, and decor:

 See the Madeline Weinrib chevron carpet below?  Yes the one I posted about last week. 
I've also got an itch to paint a piece of furniture a brilliantly bright color, like the "tea table" below.
Starting small is probably a good idea when it comes to such vibrant colors.
 I wouldn't mind putting my face on at either of these vanities every morning
Such a calming combination of white, cream, gray, silver and gold with a touch a pink.
 how badass is this painted chair rail?  I love it in this high-ceilinged NYC apt.
 Another look at the chair rail and inviting living space in a small NYC apartment

 I have to say, I think this is the perfect stripe.
 Wouldn't you love to have family gather around this table every Sunday night?

 I love the nautical feel to this room, below.
 I really must try a black bathroom.