I didn't really buy myself much for my birthday this year, I picked up a dress at target and did splurge on my grocery shopping at Whole Foods instead of Giant for the week, but otherwise I tried to be good (until about three weeks later when I purchased a ton of stuff....bad bad bad).  But one thing I picked up were these two pink giraffe pillow covers from Simple Sage.  She has all sorts of cute, affordable pillow covers so head on over and take a look!

With all of my studying for the exam....or well mostly just procrastinating for studying for the exam, I was unable to make a trip out to Ikea in College Park, MD to pick up pillow inserts.  I finally did yesterday and am so glad I have filled the pillows!  

I put them on my bed and then flipped my duvet over so that the green is no longer visible.  Am I taking my room a little too pink and girly?  I'm not sure, but it doesn't matter because it's just me!

I'll be back later this afternoon to show you my new project!  I'm definitely happy with it.  Did you guess from the pic I posted on twitter?