it's not a coincidince

All of you have seen the shop Daninotes on Etsy, right?  The one that has absolutely amazing iphone cases.  I wanted to point out a couple of them to you.

 swoon swoon swoon swoon swoon!

Now if I could just splurge $55 (plus shipping) on a case for my iphone I would be getting one of these.  Currently the case I have has two cracks in it, so I'm sure I would destroy one of these beauties easily.  My phone constantly falls out of my scrub pocket at work when I bend over, narrowly missing the toilet or gross body fluids more than once. 

I just wanted to let you know that I think I should get one because the case below 
was 1. posted on my birthday and 2. has my initials.  
is it fate?  i think so.
now I probably wouldn't get those colors, but come on that's a sign!

I wouldn't be able to resist the monogrammed crab iphone, 
being a die-hard maryland girl it's just too perfect!