i'm baaccckkk

So I've officially decided to return to HSSH.  I told you it wouldn't be forever!  Thank you to all of my loyal followers family and friends who have been asking for me to return.  It definitely makes me feel like someone out there is enjoying my labor of love.

I will go ahead and tell you that the main reason I took a break from HSSH was the number of days I planned to be traveling and the exam that I passed today.  I certainly didn't study enough for the exam and am not happy that I didn't pass with vigor, but alas I passed and when the exam is pass/fail that's all that matters.  I couldn't very well continue blogging when i should have been studying (I found plenty else to do instead of studying, but the blog got put on the backburner).  I am now officially a certified PCCRN.  thank you for your patience.

With the fresh return to HSSH I have made a few resolutions.  I promise not to feel bad about the number of posts I write in a week.  I will definitely try to post 3-5 times a week and lord knows sometimes I have great weeks out there in the blogosphere filled with goodies and projects that I must share with you.  Other times I'm just wiped out by work and can barely even keep this small condo together.  I'm sure I'll post more frequently sometimes, and when I'm busy or enjoying time in NYC or with family and friends I might not post as often.  But I will definitely do my best!  I just will not let myself feel guilty about it. 

I also resolve not to lament on the fact that my blog is growing to include more of my personal life and changes that come along with it.  Of course I would love to have new additions to my condo weekly or daily to share with you, but unfortunately that's not quite possible due to the size of my condo and the salary I make.  So you may hear about nursing, boyfriend, my outfit that day, my family, shopping experiences or whatever.  I am definitely open to suggestions on things to blog about or what you like most in my blog! and I would love a guest post or two (cough cough jillian).

Anyways thank you once again for putting up with my necessary break from HSSH, 
and please enjoy from here on out!  
Hopefully I won't feel the need to do that again!