guest post

Ok so after a bit of pressure I decided to give in and try out my first guest post (this is boyfriend btw). Although I plan to avoid most of the sweet and sassy, I will continue the food theme that acg ended with in the Easter post. Every year my family makes a special dish at Easter called pizza gain. It's a wonderful combination of meats, cheeses, eggs and most other things manly. It's also one of those dishes that defined my childhood (and there are many) and was passed down through generations. Since this was my first Easter spent with girlfriend's family we had to give it a shot and I must say our first attempt at pizza gain came out pretty amazingly (although girlfriend tried to sabotage the crust so we had to redo it). Doesn't taste exactly like I remember yet but it’s so close and I'm confident we'll get there. Here are some of the pics of the prep work and the finished dish which girlfriend's family helped me take down within the first day.