If you're not living under a rock you know that chevrons are popping up everywhere these days.  I personally have really wanted to do a chevron or striped wall but never get the cajonas to actually pull it off.  There are also some great chevron rugs out there.

I have seen a couple of posts out there for DIY chevron rugs, where you paint a rug with chevrons to your choosing.  here.  here. and here.  A couple of these even made it to my "projects" bookmark, which is basically a file of all of the various projects I would like to accomplish or am inspired by.  That list is getting pretty long. 

Remember how I told you I went to Ikea yesterday?  I had been planning on it for the last few weeks, seeing as how I'm now finished with the test.  Well lucky for me I came across this post before heading out the door and was determined to pick up that rug

Shelley from The House of Smiths and her friend created chevron rugs out of an Ikea rug and some paint!  
amazing, right?!

I figured my front hall would be the perfect place for it.  There is currently a rug in my front hall I picked up at Target to go in the kitchen, which then got the boot out of the kitchen when I found an oriental in my grandmother's attic.   It's ugly, right?  And doesn't go with my dash and albert beauty.

 So i purchased the Egeby rug at Ikea for $24.99 and on my way home I stopped by the local (adorable) hardware store to pick out some paint and tape- two quarts at $11 each.  Probably not the most financially efficient choice but it's two blocks from my house, so I couldn't resist.  Here's what the rug looks like before any paint got to it.  

 it looks better already!

So I started by taping off the sides and painting the entire rug white.  Don't let this fool you, it was much more time consuming than you would think.  I listened to a lot of Slacker radio and drank one or two beers while dabbing and tapping.  It's difficult to get into all of the little grooves
 Of course, my dining room floor is once again my workshop.   I think I am more frequently performing other activities in this room than I actually am dining.
Just when I thought progress had been made, I would stand up look back and realize I had much further to go.
 tap tap tap tap tap.  It actually took almost the entire quart of white paint.  Which is just a true white color.

While that was drying, the next step was to make a chevron pattern.  This took much longer than I would have expected and was driving me absolutely crazy because I am a perfection/math/science/numbers person.  I almost quit and just made a striped rug but realized I wouldn't be happy with that.  Once I made the first chevron template I realized it wouldn't work if I didn't have two.....soooo on to the second one I went.  

I chose a blue/teal color, dominantly blue with some touches of green.  Much brighter than Shelley Smith's.  I think I like her rug better actually, but the color is growing on me.

That's when I started on the chevrons.

 ta da!

I think it looks great in my "hallway" "entryway"  or whatever you want to call it.

 you can tell in the pic below that it's quite a vibrant color

Here's a picture of the three rugs in the various areas of my open living room/entry way/ office.  I think they compliment each other quite well and am excited about the new addition.  It was totally worth it.

I want to add a grosgrain ribbon detail around the edge but can't decide what color.  I'm thinking green (similar to the frog tape I used), navy, yellow, or a solid/bright pink.  What do you think??