Bunny Cake

As long as I can remember I've been making the bunny cake with my grandmother for Easter. It consists of taking two 9" round cakes and forming them into a bunny shape. The first round is the face and the second is cut to form ears and a bow tie.

The bunny is then covered with icing and decorated with candy. It always has green jellybeans for eyes because green eyes are the best of course. Usually my grandmother and I make the cake on Holy Saturday. I think i missed one year in college and one year visiting boyfriend's family on the way home from Europe. This year she rented a huge house down in Cambridge, MD on the Chesapeake bay for us to enjoy the long Easter weekend all together. So I made the bunny cake in advance. It's a mint mojito pound cake with koloa rum Italian meringue buttercream frosting. Oh and it's two layers. The recipe is from Warren brown's cookbook, Cake Love. It's going to be dynamite! You can be jealous.

My mom has 5 siblings and there are 20 grandchildren so there are always plenty of people to stick their fingers in the icing before the cake is cut. Boyfriend and I are going down to join everyone tomorrow morning with the cake and pizzagaine (more on that later). I'm packing extra icing.

I hope you all have a very happy easter!