not quite

So I'm not quite ready to come back to frequent blogging, but I did want to stop in.  I had an amazing birthday weekend and was very happy to be able to celebrate with my birthday-twin-but-not-real-twin brother, many many friends, family, and boyfriend.  We had a five way birthday celebration with friends in adams morgan with a great turnout, although the only picture I took that night is of my friend Lauren making out with her boyfriend.  ha.

As for whether or not I got everything on my wishlist?  I am quite blessed to be able to say that my friends and family went above and beyond.  I'm the type of (let's be honest here) bitch who requests everything in their wildest dreams because that's what a wishlist is about.  My brother asked for screws to put his license plate back on his car (it fell off about 6-9 months ago) and a pretty girl to talk to.  As you know, I asked for a few more things than that.  I got an iPad cover!  in pink, naturally.  The iPad is stuck probably in Japan and will arrive sometime in the next month.  I can't wait!!!
my mom is the best.

I also had beautiful tulips arrive at my door on my birthday.  They are definitely a perfect start to spring! 
and look fabulous with the orchid my aunt gave me.   

I'm hoping I find a way not to kill it, not looking good thus far.

 Now remember all of the times that I've posted on nude pumps?

of course these kate spade ones with the stacked colored heels were the cream of the crop, but I couldn't justify spending that much on a pair of heels, especially one I would worry about getting dirty.

I would go back and find all of the posts instead but I don't quite have the desire to look through all of my posts.  I'm sure it's been at least 5 times, if not more.  


guess what boyfriend did...

that's right.  
and he wouldn't let me make him take them back 

(although honestly I was kinda only kidding when I insisted because what girl would turn away those beauts?)
 They're absolutely gorgeous!  I had blisters on my feet from a pair of sneakers and couldn't put them on without wincing but I still wanted to sleep in them.  

Funny story, the first pair of party shoes my mom got me were black patent leather maryjanes that I wore with white ruffle socks.  I slept in them the first night because I refused to take them off (you can kinda see them in the picture below...with my brother who still has incredible swag when it comes to dressing.) 

Not much has changed.

I can't wait to wear them outside of my condo, but I do think they look good as a centerpiece on the dining room table.

then I decided I should put them in my room where I can look at them all of the time.

note the two other amazing birthday gifts: the poster which is so so so similar to the one I melt over and the j.crew flats that are better in person than on the website or catalog.

So all in all you're jealous of my amazing boyfriend I'm sure.  
You can dream, but don't even think for one second that I'm giving him up!
(and not because of the shoes, that's merely a great bonus)

i'm starting to get a bit of an itch to come back to blogging, so it should be soon.