tweet tweet!

I'm going to bite the bullet and start really tweeting.  It seems like it's about time.  I've had an account for awhile, but now I'm interested in actually using it.  So please follow me on twitter  @homesweetsassy.  It'll be updating you on life, design, the condo, nyc, dc, work and more via my beloved iPhone (and iPad when it arrives!).  

Meanwhile please be jealous of the amazing dessert boyfriend got at Holey Cream.  It's just a few blocks away from his apartment in NYC and I've been eying the place recently.  Luckily for me boyfriend, his parents and his brother were kind enough to humor me and go for dessert after an amazing dinner at Eatery last night (well it's still kinda tonight, but I'm screwed by night shift so I can't sleep!).  Although I don't feel too bad, because they all got something too!  I had coffee espresso fat free frozen yogurt with sprinkles! oh man oh man this is going to be my new stomping ground, just for the froyo.  The dessert below is actually a freshly made (cough::cough:: fried) donut cut in half with three scoops of ice cream in the middle, icing on top, and then any topping you choose.  Can you tell I chose the topping for boyfriend?!  I mean, how can you not get PINK SPRINKLES?  Anyhow only some people can actually order this dessert, and I was lucky enough to be with two of those people... You know the kind of people I hate:  6'6" boys/men who are tall and skinny and eat pounds of pasta without having to even think about the fact that their tush is going to grow two sizes that day.   So I enjoyed my froyo but definitely had a (couple) bite (s) of this amazeballs dessert!