spring has sprung

well, not quite.  
It's 28 degrees outside, so we're probably still a couple of months away :- (  But because my Christmas wreath needed to come down......seeing as how it's now February (when did that happen btw!?),  I decided to hang a DIY pink rosebud wreath.  I figure it can last through valentine's day, easter, and spring.  So it's pretty much got about a quarter of the year covered.   I got the idea from House of Smiths Blog and did it exactly how she said.  My pink is a lighter color than her wreath but about the same as her hanging flower balls.

So I set up shop on my bed watching movies, drinking wine and catching up on 30Rock and got to work.  She makes it sound so easy!  I mean, once you get the hang of it, it really is.  I almost gave up after the first 20 or so roses.  It was taking forever and my fingers were hurting so I stopped for the day and resumed the following night.  I'm not quite sure how my technique changed the second night but it went much smoother.   Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the wreath in process. regret.

I used the foam wreath I had made this fall which I wasn't too thrilled with anyway, covered it in crepe paper and started with the rosebuds.  I highly suggest gluing the rosebuds on every 10-20 or so just to give you the momentum to keep going.   I think my total cost of this was probably around $3-5 including the number of gluesticks I used and the roll and a some change of crepe paper.

Add a pretty ribbon and voila! 
Here's the finished product. 
(i put a classy piece of duct tape on my unit number, sorry stalkers!)

I think it needs another layer of rosebuds around the outside, but I just didn't have it in me.  
Maybe someday I'll get to that, I could even make them in white.  
What do you think?

my next project is to make new curtains for my bedroom closet.