Come on Rue Boy...

The newest edition of Rue Magazine is up!  I read it a few days ago, but with work have been unable to get to posting about the apartment I fell in love with.  This happens quite often when I'm on night shift because unlike working during the day, for some reason when I come home from work I'm generally absolutely exhausted and uninspired.  I'm back on days soon, so maybe that will win you better postings!  Of course, not it's 4:30am and I couldn't sleep so I woke up and started blogging.

The apartment is Nicole and David Cohen's Manhattan home on the Upper East Side.  Of course, like all of these fab NYC apts I'm seeing, it's big and beautiful (comparatively speaking).  I love the quote from her grandmother "if you love something, it's never out of style."  I truly believe that a home is made not by perfect pieces that could look like they came out of a catalog, but by taking the (sometimes excruciating) time to find pieces that you love and mean something to you and your family.  You can't forget about design and style, but that shouldn't be first priorty.

Take a look at the apartment.  I love the vintage touches with both masculine and feminine flare

 this lucite bench is custom made and i want it!!

I've been trying to convince boyfriend that I should paint his Manhattan bathroom black for him.  I'm still working on it, but maybe these black walls will help inspire him.  
I love the stenciling!  I really want to try my hand at a metallic trellis wall but haven't found the place or chutzpah to do it quite yet.  Nicole's reminds me of Kate's painted trellis wall that is one of the sources making me itch to attempt one of my own. Here's another

I'm trying to get in a couple of projects between work and travel these next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates!