We went up to Newport, RI this past weekend with my family.  I've posted previously about Newport and my love for the town.  I have family up there and unfortunately we were in town for a funeral, but I was still able to enjoy my time spent in Newport.  We stayed at the Jailhouse Inn and spent our weekend walking everywhere.   Here's Drew, our friendly host at the Jailhouse, behind the front desk

On Saturday morning before the service my family decided to go to the church to test the mic.  I was not having that, so I took a walk around town and met up with them later for some classic diner-style breakfast. Thus far I've only been to Newport in the summer, and it was quite frigid with snow on the ground but still beautiful.
I walked around, feeling like I was getting a glimpse of Betty's home.  I very much enjoy Betty's blog and hope that she continues to post as she is inspired.  Betty's photos and daily going-ons capture the essence of Newport.   Here are some of the sights  I captured on my walk:

 and some empty real estate.  I think the perfect location for my boutique, no?

of course I fit in some shopping also, here's a glimpse at what I purchased.  Sailor stripes, polka dots, and ceramic bracelets- definitely the spirit of Newport brought back home with me.

i tried to capture a photo of a bird to sign off this post with, but alas they would not fly my way or remain long enough.  maybe that's a Betty talent.