someone take my credit card please

I'm having major trouble reigning in on my purchases.  Of course between the holidays and Hawaii, I definitely spent a pretty penny.  I splurged on a necklace for myself, figuring between all of the overtime I've worked and the difficult past few months I've had that I deserved it.   I mean, you can really almost always come up with a fairly good reason to splurge....

I decided that I was going to be good once I returned from vacation (after I bought the necklace).  But then, boyfriend and I also have our anniversary coming up and I picked out a banging gift for him.  I won't tell you what it is because he checks in to read the blog every now and then, but it's awesome and I went for the nicer version of course. stupid acg.  I've ordered it, but when I finally pick it up and pay my credit card will be quite upset with me.

Anyway the reason that I speak of my desire to stop spending is because I somehow happened across an amazing find today. And of course I want it! How great is this indoor/outdoor rug from Ballard designs?  I can totally see the 3'x5' sitting by my front door/entry way/in front of my coat closet.  I like the top color, the light beige and brown (or is it gray?).  It's not too pricey at $59, but everything adds up and I really need to cut back now! 

It mostly just reminds me of this rug from West Elm that I am dying to find a place for.  I love the gray zebra print!  Someday, somehow I will get this rug (hopefully on sale) or one exactly like it into my home.  Their 3'x5' is only $99!  I've definitely been tempted by this before.  only $99!  that's not even $100.
I think I should buy the big one for boyfriend for Christmas next year or his birthday so that I can put it in his bedroom like these below.  I wonder how he would handle that.  He doesn't really have his room decorated (more than the average male thinks something is "decorated") and I could make it ammazing starting with this rug.  I'm sure he'll kill me for saying all of this.  But it's true. ha.