I've been in some strange moods recently, one of which took it's toll on my bedroom.  You know when you get an idea to do something and you just can't take it has to be done right now.  My brother described this the other day about getting his hair cut.  As soon as he thought about cutting his hair super short he knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later.

That's how I got about my bedroom.

I used to do this as a little girl.  My mom would hear the dreaded scratching of my bed on the hardwood floors and come upstairs to find my room completely disheveled and me attempting to move my furniture myself.  I did this quite often, she can attest to that.  
Now I probably should have waited for some help (preferably strong male help) but boyfriend probably won't be down here to visit until at least march if not and most likely even later than that, it's somewhat rude to invite friends over and have them move furniture, and my brothers and dad rarely cross the bridges.  So I took on the task myself. 
Thank God I did, because I found I needed to clean behind my dresser and bed.

A few things got uprooted from other parts of the condo.  Like my console table
and the Love Languages for now.  Some candles, my magazines, a couple of books.
The ceramic bowl I picked up at HomeGoods a few months back.

I love displaying beautiful clothes and shoes.  That's why my cowboy boots are outside of my closet and my grandmother's vintage party dress (i need to find a great occasion to rock it) is hanging on my closet for a little visual interest.  I have some fun fabric from Ikea that would make good curtains for my closet but I need to get to my grandmother's sewing room to tailor it.
I like that the new setup puts my dresser directly underneath a recessed light, 
hopefully my eyebrows won't get so bushy with this setup.