matte's the way

A couple of months back (hmmm say november)  I purchased a couple of prints from Made By Girl.  The first one is the absolutely adorable hand cut map rendition of Manhattan by Famille Summerbelle.  I had bought it for myself but ended up giving it to boyfriend for Christmas to go in his apartment up there. 
 I think he's getting it framed.  I haven't seen it since I gave it to him, but when I do I'll take a picture.

The next one I bought was the Love Languages.  Jen, the creator of Made By Girl, has some awesome prints of her own, and this is one of them.  (I also adore her blog).   The plain LOVE print is darling and I hope to get one at some point in time when I have place to hang it!  I also think the "I love you, blogs, and coffee" is quite fitting in my life. 

Anyway I've been procrastinating about getting the Love Languages framed until recently when I was down in my storage unit and realized I had an extra frame.  It's a little bigger than the print so I would need to matte it.  On her website, Jen has some suggestions for do-it-yourself matting.  Well, I didn't follow her directions, but I did DIY and her site gave me the idea. 
I went to Michaels' yesterday and picked up a couple of different colors of posterboard, then held them against the print and frame to decide.

I decided on a white matte with a silver lining. Got out my Xacto knife, ruler, pencil, and started cutting.  I cut on a cutting board on my dining room floor, oh how I dream of a craft room.  I cut the white and silver ones to the size of the frame, and then cut out a rectangle a little bit larger than the print in the white one, so the silver one would pop through.
 I think it turned out pretty well, don't you?
 alright, so if you look really closely, some of the lines are a little off, but you can't tell unless you are OCD like myself.
 Of course, the things on the back of the frame to hang it are broken, so as soon as I get some, it will go up!