it's 8am..

...and I'm having a glass of wine.   I'm assuming you find that strange, but when you work night shift and come home from a particularly busy, knee-taxing, back-aching night sometimes a little chardonnay goes a long way.

As I sit in my bed checking up on the blogs I follow, deleting my junk emails, and sipping my wine I'm noticing my closet and the relatively large quantity of clothes within that I don't actually wear.  I've been meaning to get to the consignment store recently to drop off anything worth selling.  Just the first of many things I need to do. Because I was on vacation, I completely ignored forgot that it's the time of the year to make resolutions.  Now that we're 2 weeks into January, I guess I should get going.

acg's new year resolutions:

1. take unworn clothes to consignment store or good will  see above.  additionally don't buy unnecessary items.

2. post frequently on HSSH   I'm having blog identity crisis.  Because I oritionally started the blog to update everyone on my condo and the additions to it, I'm not quite sure the direction the blog should take as I have less and less to update.

3. work out, eat better....blah blah blah this will be on my new years resolutions from now until the day I die.  My 95 year old grandmother still says her "diet start every monday"

4. take more photos  Now that I have a new camera, this shouldn't be too hard.  Even when I am not out with my lens but just have a point and shoot, I want to capture those moments.  Thus far I think I've done an OK job of it seeing as how I have 13,000 photos on my computer and have almost filled my hard drive, so maybe I need to rephrase to take higher quality, less quantity photos

ok so i had a long night and am about to fall asleep.  I'm sure there's much much more to add to my list, so you will get adendums to my resolutions when my mind is a bit sharper.