a girl can dream

Fashionista and contributing editor at Vogue Lauren Santo Domingo's manhattan apartment (once again, a large NYC place!) that she shares with her husband and soon to be newborn was on Vogue.com recently.  Hello, can you say fabulous?!  Where as not everything is my style and I wouldn't decorate my own house quite the way she has (I think it's actually too trendy and stylish for me!) I still love her apartment.   That's the beauty of home decor, no matter what you do (within reason) as long as you bring in furniture, art, accessories, and other items that you love, your home will be perfectly 100% yours.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make my home mine as far as decor goes and not a cookie cutter mold.  I think time, money, and valuable resources for good finds are the key to that.   Back to LSD,  the fact that she brings in exactly what inspires her and those things she loves (two statues of her bulldog!) and frequently changes some of the decor to what she is feeling at the moment is totally a mantra I can get on board with.
Just look at how cute preggo looks! I dream of being an adorable, stylish, glowing pregnant women when if I ever have children.  And that table is amazing.  Not sure how I feel about having a skull on your coffee table, but to each her own.
a nice spacious living room is definitely a covetable thing in manhattan
has anyone ever seen a hippo turn into a bar before? it's priceless 
I have decided I am going to start collecting colored glass bottles
 When I have a house of my own and there are more bedrooms than needed, I'm taking an entire one to make my closet and office.  The lady den.  How fabulous is her shoe collection!

 Apparently they have his and hers bathrooms.  I very much like the idea of his and hers sinks in a large enough bathroom for all of the toiletries, but I guess this works too.  The mason jar of fresh buds is an awesome touch to her bathroom counter.  My dinky little bath has barely enough room for my toothbrush, soap and the hand cream I keep knocking onto the floor!
 And here is her husband's room.  The diagonal striped rug is the bomb and the fact that she lets him have free reign of his collections in the man cave is great but still keeps it guest-appropriate.  It really fits in the with rest of their home.

One day, my friends, I will have a more-than-one-bedroom home to call my own.