back in the saddle again

So we're back from Hawaii and it's quite bittersweet.  The temperature here is 30 degrees, and the "freezing cold" of hawaii was 58-65 degrees at night.  My toes have been ice every since I returned to DC.   I am happy to be home to the condo, although sad my Christmas tree is gone.  (amazing) Boyfriend took it down the night before we left while I was at work. It was a great trip and I will post with some pictures soon. 
Until then I am doing many loads of laundry, taking my car to the shop, unpacking, putting away Christmas decorations, making my new years resolution list, following up on emails and bills, organizing and cleaning the condo, and making a run to the grocery store.  I plan to be updating HSSH as frequently as possible now that I'm home, so don't forget to check back in! 

Did you all see the newest Lonny Mag?

I would love to have a closet like this!  Can you even imagine?   (click to enlarge)

Why is it that whenever you see pictures of Manhattan apartments, they are gorgeous, spacious and airy?  That is not the way the Manhattan apartments in my life look.  Below, I could get on board with.