seeing is believing

My mom and I went Christmas shopping today after a family Christmas brunch.  Of course I strayed from the makeup counter at Bloomies while mom was picking out lotions and headed to the handbag department.  And let me tell you, boy is it a good thing I did!  I have decided I could not possibly live with the Marc Jacobs Stam bag..

 I want the little stam.  
Which is great news!  because it's only $795 not $1390!  haha, sorry if anyone out there has to return the Stam they already purchased for me ;-)  The Stam is too big and heavy, the little is the perfect size.

I also fell in love with and would take the Tory Burch Dena Messenger.  It's a soft, beautiful leather fold-over clutch with a removable strap.  The bag can be used as a clutch, with the strap as seen below, or there are rings at the top of the bag once opened, so if needed it can be worn larger.  Plus the strap can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder!  ahh How fab is that?  Plus there's a cute little mirror inside.  I'm fairly certain I would never take this bag off!

These pictures don't do it justice.  Can you tell I'm in need of a black bag?  And I love the look of black leather with gold accessories. (are you listening Santa?)