rockin' around the Christmas tree

I absolutely love Christmas (can you tell?) and every year I look forward to putting up a real tree.  I don't really like the plastic trees you find out there, but to each his own.   Being on my nurse's salary and trying to save money, I headed to Home Depot a few days ago to pick out a tree.  I would love to purchase a tree from the fire department, the boy scouts, etc. but maybe next year? 
Guess how much my 5'-6' Fraiser Christmas tree cost....


including taxes!  

score one for acg. 

Anyway, I did this in the middle of a weekday, a benefit to working weekends, and brought the tree inside myself and put it in the stand myself.  My brothers came over to help me decorate this year.  I'm loving the look of classic white lights.  I think i go between colored and white as my top choice every few years.
Last year when I bought my condo my grandmother bought me a beautiful set of Christmas tree ornaments.  They're the story of 'Twas the night before Christmas'  
my favorite is the mouse! 
Of course some of my favorite ornaments from childhood made it onto the tree too.  Including but not limited to the Washington monument, a Chesapeake Bay crab, and a homemade ornament made by yours truly when I was in preK!  
The Tree!

Of course, the Christmas wine glasses made it out too!
And the table needed a few decorations too.

And the fall flowers and reeds in the corner got the switch out for some gold and glittery red painted branches that I picked up at HomeGoods

Now I'm just waiting for Santa to bring me the one thing on my wish list!