my christmas wish list

My Stepmom keeps asking me when I'm going to send out an email with a link to everything I want for Christmas (like I've done in the past).  So I decided I would give you a similar list of my Christmas wish lists.  I'm not really putting anything for the condo on here, because I feel like everything I purchase is for the condo.  I have a couple of pieces of art that I need to frame, but otherwise I don't feel like using my Christmas wishes on things for my place.  I'm being selfish here! but these are the things I haven't been able to buy for myself since I've been spending most of my money on the condo this past year.

a classic black tuxedo jacket, J.crew has a nice one.

party dresses, here are a couple of cute ones.  
I'm also in search of a good LBD.

I'm really feeling the gold recently and would like a pair of gold earrings.  
The backs have to be super secure and they need to be suitable for daily wearing, because I don't take off jewelry often which means it gets put to the test.
all of these are nice.
 A couple of bottles of Philosophy Cinnamon Buns shower gel.  
It's my new favorite and I could use it absolutely everyday!  
It's a little pricey for daily use but I might still do it.

a black monogrammed Longchamp Planetes
new bathing suits for my trip to Hawaii over New Years!

the golden ticket!  I would love the marc jacobs stam bag in black 
(although that's not in my budget or anyone else's, it's still on the wish list)

 i'm sure if you twisted my arm I could come up with a few more things.....