melt me

Did you all see the holiday issue of Lonny Magazine?

I haven't even finished reading it yet, and I will post on some of the glorious finds in it, but I had to stop mid-read to share with you the absolutely swoon worthy J.Crew Men's Store in Uptown Manhattan (79th and Madison...hello! i'll be visiting next time I'm in the city).

I love the mix of rugged knotted pine walls, vintage artwork on the gallery wall, the black ceiling and moldings, Thomas O'Brian pendants, and the luxurious menswear.  I'm just about having a heart attack looking at it all.

Can you imagine a straight blade razor sitting on this sink with a man in front on the mirror grooming?

please click on the image below to see the full version.  I absolutely love it!  If I could convince boyfriend to wear a plaid tie (they're even circled in red!), I think I would die and go to heaven.  Plaid bowtie would be even more amazing. He thinks real men only wear black bowties with tuxes, my prep school background says otherwise.   I love a good bowtie! I also love a classic tartan. But I respect him for standing his ground and sticking to his style.
And here is the genius behind it all Frank Muytjens, the Head of J.Crew Men's Design.  With his vizsla puppy, Dutch....who I will be stealing.