kate spade

I was taking a look at the Kate Spade website the other day and was astounded by how many items made it to my ever-growing mental wish list.  I have a couple of her bags, all from the outlet I believe, but generally I don't like the boxy feel of some of her classic shapes.

I did, however adore these two bags.  Not that I really need either one of them, but they are cute!

 I have always loved her jewelery selection.  The bangles are precious, especially the writings and idioms on the in the inside.
They say things like "there's strength in numbers,"  "go to town," "roll up your sleeves," and more. Check out the website for more details.

These earrings though...they are definitely on my wishlist!!

She also has some great stuff for the home.  I love the gold polka dots! What a fun way to mix gold and white china.  Plus the coaster set is perfect

Of course you can't forget about her stationary.  The idioms on her notecards are just as good as the ones inside the bangles.  "You shouldn't have, but i'm glad you did," "red letter day,"  "in the pink," "sunny side up," "it's perfect"

I could handle wearing either of these pairs of shoes.  You know how I love a good bow.  Also I don't have mittens or earmuffs and these are precious.

 Don't you just love it all?