welcome back

It's been a week since I've posted and I have to apologize for that.  I've been busy with work and travel.  Boyfriend took a new job about a month ago and has been working insane hours.  That plus my nights, weekends, and holidays and I don't get to see him that often.  All of you out there with 9-5s should stop and appreciate how great it is!  (I'll be working long stretches over Thanksgiving and Christmas!) Luckily the last couple of weekends we've been able to see each other and do some fun activities.  We went to Eastern Market in DC.  Of course I forgot to take pictures but we had lunch, walked around and purchased some art, an amazing cutting board, a headband and a pair of earrings.  It was a beautiful day and Eastern Market is such a fun thing to do. 

He finally got to complete his race car driving experience I gave him for his birthday and was quite thrilled about that.
 I was in the pit worrying every time he squirreled the back end of the car that he was going to crash the damn thing. 

Anyway I'm going to post today on a couple of things I've done or been inspired by in the past week.  It'll likely be a long one, so I'm going to split the page.

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This past weekend we were up in NYC.  We had an awesome dinner at 508, I loved the decor of the place.  The lighting was amazing, the vintage books along the wall were perfectly placed, and the barternder is off the hook.  Oh and the food?  amazeballs.

(i stole all of these pictures off of their website.  Clearly I wasn't sitting at a romantic dinner with my bf snapping pictures of the bar and restaurant, I have a little more class than that!)

On the topic of NYC, if any of you go to visit anytime soon, you should check into The Strand hotel.  My half uncle, cousin and his business partner designed and built this hotel in the past few years.  Take a look a the website, but here are a few pictures from our visit.
 The Strand Restaurant
 Views from the rooms

my attempt at getting a picture of one of the bathrooms in the rooms.  Epic fail.  The artwork, tile and everything is just stunning.

 They've gotten some great write-ups about the Top of the Strand rooftop bar.  It's open from 5pm to 1am and the glass ceiling retracts when the weather is nice.  It has a bamboo garden feel to it with perfectly chosen fabrics.  The view of the Empire State Building is awesome.

I know our faces aren't visible in the picture below, we snapped one with the flash and it's great, but I'm sharing the view with you, not us.  Also check out the picture above of the handsome man on his blackberry doing work....
If The Strand is a little too modern for you, try The Park South in Murray Hill.  It also has an amazing restaurant, The Black Duck.  

From there we moved onto Madame Toussaud's.  I've wanted to go for a long time and was excited when my uncle suggested we go.  (even in wax, JBKO looks stunning)
 We took a picture with T.Swift, but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet.

I don't watch Oprah often, but I am excited every year about seeing what's on her Favorite Things List.  This being her last season, apparently 2010's favorite things are the best yet, "the ultimate list".  I'm not sure I believe that but there are a few things I am crushing on.
This coach bag is absolutely to die for, one of my friends has it and the red is the perfect color.
 I'm not sure if I would like all of my brownies or lasagna to be side pieces, but this is a nice idea.  I'll share with you my quick and easy lasagna recipe sometime soon.
 I adore my elfa closet and want to elfa every closet I have for the rest of my life.  It's brilliant.  You go in with your specificiations and closet measurements and they work through a custom built closet! For all of us super organized OCD people out there
 what girl doesn't love nice lingerie?
 I want a real camera for christmas, and I think this one is a great option.
But I'm open to suggestions...
 I'm not really feeling the sequined UGGs,  I know sequins are in this season and I love the idea of most of the sequined stuff out there, but come on O, Uggs?
 I don't own a pair of TB flats, but they seem amazing. I would certainly like to try a pair
Don't you just want to curl up in this sweater and throw?

 Speaking of Cashmere Throws,  One Kings Lane has some amazing ones on sale right now.  Too bad this one is already on hold (and i'm trying to save money...) 

Alright, I'm signing off.  That's been quite the post.  I hope to be on more this week than I was last, but with Thanksgiving you never know.