stuck in a rut

With the holidays coming around and my AmEx bill rising through the roof the past few months, I've really been trying to save up some money.  I've also been trying to pick up overtime shifts, although I don't always get them depending on patient census.  This all means that my condo is taking the hit and is not getting the appropriate love and care it deserves in terms of updates.  I would love a coffee table and some art for the gallery wall that has two pieces to it (both yet to be framed...), but I'm holding off.  Although I will be purchasing a Christmas tree soon, because that is just a necessity.

I've also have a little wrench thrown into my plans lately so I'm trying to decide how to go about the condo with that (i'm sure i'll tell y'all eventually).

Of course this all means that I have less to post about directly related to my condo, so I'm warning you.  I'm sure you've noticed that since the birth of HSSH, the blog has gradually come to be more and more musings on inspiration, my life, style outside of design, and anything I am thinking of at the moment.  I hope you don't mind, but am happy to hear what you like to see most in my comments. 

The one thing I promise is that when I do update, change, or add to my condo I will most definitely let you all know;  afterall, that is the original purpose of this blog.
 i leave you with my favorite photo, that I still haven't found the name or origin of.