la bonne vie

Remember when I went to the Bethesda tent sale and bought some art?  Well they were finally finished at the framers and I got around to hanging them (all by myself, thank you very much). 

I bought a set of two matching La Vie Pariesienne women from the early 1800s.  Black and white with a touch of orange.  I decided to go with a simple black frame.  They remind me of my visits to Paris, what a romantic beautiful city.  I would have to say my second favorite European city (to Venice). I've been twice but those are stories for another day.

They would be perfect on either side of a beautiful vintage mirrored vanity, but I decided to hang them in my bedroom flanking my dresser.  
I don't know if I've showed you the piece of art hanging over my bed, it's a painting I was given by my godfather when I was very young- my first piece of art.  Tulips in white with pink and a grey background- quite beautiful.  You can see it's reflection in the mirror (the purple rectangle is a note sitting on the mirror).  I'll get a picture of that up sometime soon.