You could call it a problem

Boyfriend and I were up in NYC last week and met up with a couple of my best friends.  We went out to Bua Bar on St. Mark's Place  (across from Crif Dogs).  I loved the exposed brick walls with cut outs for candles, the sliding wood bathroom doors, and the overall decor and vibe of the place.   We had a great time and I was happy to catch up with some of my NYC friends.

Boyfriend looked over at me while I was taking the picture below and said "I think you didn't get [your friends] in the picture"  to which I responded "uh, no.  I was taking a picture of the wall."   Of course I needed to capture the painted medallions on the concrete wall.  I admit, I have a problem-  standing in a bar with friends and I'm taking pictures of the walls.
but seriously?  how fab is this?  I would love to do this on my wall instead of stripes.

 I guess NYC is growing on me.