weekend and crafting

So I finagled my way out of work yesterday (I had to pick up a night shift this coming week, but whatever) and was able to make it to the Washington Design Center Sale.  Admission was $5 and because boyfriend was so kind to come with me, I spent the $10 going to a good cause (my babies!).  There were some great items although not everything was on sale and mostly what I fell in love with wasn't.  I would say half of the showrooms were open. I've been looking for a coffee table but am not in the market to spent the $3-5,000.

I'm thinking something like these

I also fell in love with a Robert Allen Logan Chair  the frame was a tangerine orange and the fabric on the cushions a white and orange transitional fabric.  
How would you describe this type of chair?  It was fairly large, Boyfriend at 6'4" was sitting in it with plenty of space.  I would love to find a similar one at a flea market, craigslist, goodwill, yard sale, or something along those lines with good bones but dumpy seats and color that I could reupholster and paint to my liking.  Help please!
We then went to the Taste of Georgetown.  It was hot outside and crowded but a beautiful day.  
Boyfriend's cousin was in town with one of her friends, so after the tasting of some of our favorite Georgetown restaurants (including Gtown cupcakes of course) we headed down to Sequoia (one of our favorite waterfront restaurants) and grabbed some drinks at the bar along the Potomac.  Side note:  Sequoia was the name of the President's yacht, which my mom went on when she was in high school before homecoming (or prom, something like that) with all of her friends and dates.  How cool?

This morning we had brunch in Arlington, it was absolutely delicious. I had never been to 3 before, but I definitely want to try out their dinner.  Baileys & coffee with scallops and grits for brunch?  yes please!  Everything had a bit of a Cajun flair to it. Recently I've been trying to get in as much time with Boyfriend as possible because he will soon be spending most of his hours in Manhattan.  (long story, not worth going into but you'll probably hear me mention it now and then when i cross the blurry line of condo/work/personal) 
The container store is just down the road and I've been meaning to put up a magnetic board behind my computer at my desk for awhile 
I bought one at Container Store and was planning on going out to find a fab fabric to cover it with 
but decided to just use the stripes I have in my linen closet for now.  

I used hot glue on the back to keep the fabric taught across the board

I need a larger place with an entire room for my arts and crafts.  Now my living roomfloor just ends up being the spot.

Once it was finished it seemed to need just a little something extra, so I added some pink ribbon to the corners.  The ribbon was too thick to use across the board, and it was better color than the white and tiffany blue ribbons I had in my arts and crafts box.  

The finished product hung behind my desk!

I also made this cute drawing.  I wish I had come up with the idea but I saw it online.  I know it was on etsy, fickr or something like that but I can't seem to find it again!  I had saved the picture to my computer and planned on making it but didn't save the link.

the picture that i copied is below.  i added the necklace because you can't have holly golightly without her jewels!