red wine at night, sailor's delight

As you know, my kitchen cabinets have corks as the knobs.  I also have been collecting the corks from the wine we drink in a container on my console table.  Boyfriend buys wines on and we have a wine fridge to store them in.  We really love our wine. Every now and then my bucket o' corks overflows and I have to take some out to store away.  I finally picked a project to use these excess corks.

I made a wine cork trivet.  I got the idea from this blog.  Hers is made with similar corks and is very streamlined.  Mine is made with red, white, and other corks and I did not put the ribbon around it.  I'm still considering that.  Mine has a bit more of a wine drinkers spirit instead of a nice perfect trivet.  I guess it's a matter of taste which one you prefer.  I bet you could purchase corks that are exactly the same to do this project, but I enjoy the memories of the different wines.

First step, cut the corks in half. The project takes about 30-40 corks, try to cut them in two equal halves without breaking them, it's not as easy as it sounds.
 Next, sand down the raw edges of each cork to make them even, start lining them up next to each other.  In the middle a row of 9, then on either side a row of 8, 7, 6, and 5 half corks.
This is how it should look.  Then grab the hot glue gun and start with the center row, gluing each cork to the ones next to it, working your way to the to the outside rows.  Make sure to place them down on a flat surface as you glue so that it sits even on a table.