junk drawer no more

The other day my friend Emilia asked me to write a post about how I organize my linen closet.

I laughed.

This has been on my list of things to do since I moved in.  This is so not me.... I am a mildly OCD ICU nurse, color coordinate my closet (pants, skirts, tshirts, anything), and have to carry an old school paper organizer with many lists and my calendar,  I even reorganized the spice cabinet above my stove a few months ago down to the baking supplies going on the left, grill supplies in the middle, cooking on the right.  i was so happy i took a picture.

yes i admit.  i have a problem.

My LC (linen closet friends, keep up please) has become the junk drawer of my condo.  I painted the closet when I first got here the same color as the LR and DR.  I really want to repaint it in gold, red, bright green, or something like that but we'll wait on that until my next spring cleaning.   

Anyways I worked last night and am on day shift later this week (monday night then wednesday or thursday day stinks!)  so I came home from work at 9am this morning, took a three hour nap, watched some TV, read my blogs, and got to getting on the closet.  

Here's the before: 
 I was pretty much living by the "shove everything in and close the door really quick" method

So I started by taking evvverrryyyything out of the closet and sprawling in out on my foyer/LR floor.

 I then first placed my arts and crafts box on the top shelf (the only place it would fit), and piled my various fabrics, sheets, dish towels, and regular towels.  This way they can store vertically.  Being 5'8" I am lucky that I can store things in high places and they remain easily accessible (thanks grammasie!)
 Then the box that I keep all of my purses in got reorganized, closed (for the first time in awhile) and placed on the floor.  I stuffed my big LLB tote with all of my duffels, travel bags, VB bags, etc.

This is by far my favorite part of the closet.  I displayed my clutches in an easily accessible basket.  The little guys had previously spent their time in the box on the floor getting lost at the bottom.

The downside of living in an 800sq ft apartment is that you don't have a tool shed, laundry room, storage for cleaning supplies, arts&crafts area or your own bathroom for hair accessories and medicine cabinet.  So follow me as I give you the tour of my place

Step into my tool shed:

Does my laundry room make you want to do laundry the way SR's does?

My personal pharmacy and hair accessories

The cleaning storage

Crafts Corner

Happy Girl!!

scratch that.
ecstatic girl