Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When I was four we moved into a new house.  My mom, bless her heart, let me pick the color of my room without any limitations.  A four year old.  picking a color.  can you imagine what I chose?


 When I got to highschool we repainted the house and I decided to keep my room the same color, but I decorated it with christmas lights, a neon lizard, and even more colorful accessories.  My mom used to get so upset with my decorating and I must apologize now.  I would rearrange furniture by myself...probably scraping the hardwood, change up my duvet cover a few times a year,  and add more pillows and accessories than necessary.  I hammered various pictures into the wall without care to the nature of the damage I was doing.  I'm sure I put ten times more holes in the wall of my room growing up than I have in my entire condo.  There's just something about when you own a place.  Here are some pictures of my room in highschool....

many many apologies to anyone who made it into these pictures, I'm having trouble finding pics of my room without people.  I added an embarrassing one of myself too just to make you all feel better...

growing up in maryland, i had a thing for Brady Anderson
 i love tom cruise giving a thumbs up behind the flowers

check out those christmas lights and wall decorations...
everyone needs a sparkly pink pillow with pom poms on it
believe it or not the picture above and the one below show two different people.  
friends for life?  i think so.
even the windowsill was covered with crap.  and that blanket was from target.  pink and green of course.

I have to say my style is at times as vibrant but has definitely become more refined as I've gotten older.  I still very much enjoy pink and a pop of color which I need to work on bringing into my condo as it is now (hopefully my new rug will arrive soon, i feel it totally channels my high school self).   

I was reminded of all of this and inspired to post on it because of Jeanine Lobell (creater of Stilla cosmetics, i'm so jealous!) and Anthony Edwards' Manhattan apartment showcased in Elle Decor.  

I love most of the color combinations they used and although I don't think I could live in all of the rooms, it must be refreshing to come home to a bright, light space when living in manhattan.  You all know how I feel about the city.  Maybe that's why they painted leaves in the hallway, there aren't many to be had in the city.  I absolutely adore the living room.  In my opinion that room is the perfect balance of color.   Having only lived in two cities in my life, I'm coming to realize that although I have a certain style my decorating would change depending on where I live.  Don't you think so?

oh and to this day my childhood/highschool room is still the same color.  I've been begging my mom to let me take over and turn it into a guest room/office for her.  I'd love to take it on as my first design project.  Although after all you've seen above I can understand why she wouldn't trust me....

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  1. those pictures are the best trip down memory lane .. i can't get over how similar we look in those two photos! giant mouths and great tans ... we're basically perfect. xxxxx