labor day

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!  I spent the long weekend in Annapolis for a family reunion.  It's always fun to spend time catching up with family but it can get a little overwhelming.  We had a beautiful sunset boat cruise, many bonfires, a night of dancing, an 18 hole golf tournament, and time on the beach.

All of this meant that I spent yet another day organizing the condo, unpacking, doing laundry, etc.  I had a wonderful lunch in Georgetown with my amazing friend Paige and her mom Deb.  I've missed Paigey so much, with her living in Argentina and all.  I look forward to the month of September as she will be here in the states with us the whole time!

Boyfriend went to Vegas for the weekend, although I'll spare you the details of that.  On the journey he picked up a couple of magazines:  Robb Report (the fashion issue) and Collection (Robb Report's Buyers Guide).  As you can very well imagine these lavish magazines have some over the top products for the wealthiest of consumers.  A few things I would like to mention are as follows...

First off, Spiral Cellars Wine Cellar.  This is a trapdoor that is placed anywhere in your home that leads down to a cylindrical wine cellar.

They are 2 meters in diameter and vary in depth, up to about 10 feet.  They hold anywhere from 650 to 1870 bottles of wine, depending on your choice.  The trap door can be made to match your flooring, or can be glass to display your cellar.  The staircase and lighting are also customizable.  This all for about $30-50,000

A few other things caught my attention: 


 "two seating areas specifically designed to accommodate a man and a woman"
watch the video, you'll be sold!

of course I wouldn't mind some of the jewelry found in the advertisements of these mags