Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Have you seen the HGTV Urban Oasis NYC Apartment?   They're giving away a 1.4 million dollar condo at the W in NYC.  The entire place is decked out with the best appliances and decor.  It's designed and decorated by Vern Yip.  You can enter to win on the website.   The decor is gorgeous.  Many of the pieces are quite expensive and although the place is perfect, I think if you moved in you would have to rid of some of the accessories to bring in your own personal style and taste.

I absolutely love the lucite console table and dining chairs. 

The rugs he uses from ABC Carpet and Home are perfect.
What a great idea to add a pop of color to the closets!

The bathroom although pleasing is a little too modern and artistic for my tastes

I simply adore this chaise. 

I wish I had appliances like these.  New stainless steel is definitely on my wish list

I attempted to do a driftwood mirror in my bathroom, it was nothing of this caliper.

Just look at the glow the to die for chandelier gives the place at night!  
Oh how I would love to put chandeliers in every room of my house

It would be nice to live in this apartment for a few years but I think the difference in my tastes would make me annoyed after a little while.  It would be hard to put your mark on this exquisitely furnished home.  The other major issue would be the taxes, condo fees, closing costs, and overall expenses you would have to pay after winning the place.  I can only imagine how much that would be.  Probably more than I pay in mortgage/condo fees every month.  Plus to insure the place?  ooo baby.  It might be worth it to just take the cash and walk. 

I've thought many times about whether or not I would enjoy living in "the city."  I went to college where it was status quo for you to graduate and move to NYC.  The majority of my friends from there are in the city and many of the other people I know.  Also, one of my absolute best friends is in NYC at med school.  All-in-all I wouldn't be short of friends.   Every time I go to visit I enjoy the time I spend but I want to get the hell out of the hustle and bustle.  Last time I was there, walking to ABC Carpet and Home from where I was staying at 10am there was an overwhelming number of people on the street.  On a weekday?  Seriously?   Being from Bethesda, MD and loving Washington, DC (although traffic is starting to get to me),  it would be difficult to live without trees and grass.  Such a simple concept one would think.  Plus the biggest issue I have with the city is the attitude that some people pick up once they've been there. (i'm not talking about you jillian, or any of my other good friends there).  It's an egotistical sense of entitlement and superiority;  the disgusting part about the university I went to that makes me happy undergrad is only four years.

Anyway.  I'm not planning on leaving the condo any time soon, but it's just something to think about.  Growing up I knew I could live anywhere with my nursing career and there are definitely places that I would prefer over others.  I always knew I would come to DC and move if something really important pulled me away.