home sweet home

Boyfriend and I just got back from a week at the beach.  I was so happy to be with the sand, waves, sun.  Boyfriend in particular needing the amount of quality, uninterrupted sleep he got.  I work three "12 hour" shifts a week so I have a lot of time for myself and non-work activities.  My man on the other hand is always on, within reach of work via Bb, and lives by the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" theory.  Sometimes he needs help doing nothing. Either lifestyle deserves a break.

(on his BB of course)

We had a couple of cloudy days but I still sat on the beach in a light sweatshirt and my bathing suit reading my kindle.   On a particularly clear and beautiful evening we had a picnic dinner on the beach with wine and cribbage (I won, of course).  I absolutely love the beach-  ocean specifically, but any will do.  Maybe it's because i'm a pisces and thrive near the water?

After laying in the sun on the beach all days, we walked into town most nights for dinner, drinks, dessert, window shopping.  This is where I got into trouble with finding a new rug.  On our way home from dinner one night, I stopped into a cute little rug place after noticing some runners on display outside the shop.  I had posted (from my beloved iPhone 4) about a couple of the options I was considering.

I returned the following day with Boyfriend, this time before going to dinner and drinking wine and/or beer.  He was very good with me taking my time choosing;  he even pulled up pictures of my blog to help explain the location and placement, my LR rug, etc to the salesman.   I ended up choosing Dash & Albert's "bed of roses" rug.  I think it will be a nice pop of color in my condo, especially against the chocolate floors. I ordered the runner to go in my entry way in front on the desk, before you get to the living room,  all the way towards the bathroom door.  (see pictures)

 (this is two samples placed together, mine won't be in until mid-October)

What do you think?

Due to my rug purchase I decided I should steer clear of the outlet malls during this trip.  I feel like although the money spent on slowly building my condo is going towards my life, my stuff, my choices, my design, I am getting quite frustrated that because my child condo takes most of my resources I am not able to splurge on the shoes, clothes, and various items I want for myself.  I understand budgeting is my choice, so I am not complaining about the beautiful items I have brought into my condo, I am just pointing out that few changes has been made to the contents of my closet recently.

We also made a trip to the Dogfish Head Brewery and Brewpubs.  Dogfish Head is by far our favorite beer.  "off-centered ales for off-centered people" is their motto. I love the unique recipes and the stories behind how they create their different brews.  I had never tried the Wrath of Pecant and very much enjoyed it, so much that I bought two 750ml bottles at the Brewery.  Boyfriend got a case each of two of his favorites:  the 90 minute IPA and Burton Baton.

We headed down to one of my best friend from high school's beach houses for a night on our way back.  She's in med school in NYC so I don't see her that often.  After a fantasy football draft (i had the number 2 pick!)  we partied until sunrise.  Watching the sun appear over Assateague Bay and the Atlantic Ocean was quite magical

I took dozens of pictures, but these are a select few.  Excuse our hair and makeup, we had been awake since 8am, and at the time of these pictures it was 6:45am.

All in all a successful trip I would say.  I now have the momentous task of unpacking, cleaning, laundry and organizing.  I am excited to have a fresh and clean home in the next few days.