around the world

This is a small blog for me to update readers on my condo.  I know it has expanded to include more than decorating, design, furniture and inspiration and is no longer limited to home decor.  This is my life as it includes more than just my home.  I try to not to post on anything in too much detail or too personal, just random musings that would be enjoyable for others.  I started the blog as a way to share the progression of my home improvement with my family, friends, and anyone else who might care.

This is why I am honored when I see that visits from countries across the world.  Thus far I have seen the US (the highest percentages:  VA, NY, DC, MD, PA, IL, CA, FL, CT, WA...), Australia (i love you marg!), Argentina (pagina i can assume), Sweden, UK, Brazil, Portugal, Canada, China, and Russia.  Of course I cannot see specifically who everyone is, but it is nice to know that people have interest in what I have to say.

Love you all for the support!