Saturday, August 7, 2010

arlington flea market

My mom and I went to the Arlington Flea Market today, which is walking distance from my place.  I had yet to go and I should have gotten up earlier and with more of a mission.  This being my first time, I now know that next time I go I will make  a list of items to look for, set a budget, and go early.  I also just worked three 13 hour shifts and was both precepting and had a difficult family to deal with, so I chose to sleep in this morning.

We arrived at about 11am. The flea market ends at 1:30 although people seem to start packing up at 12/12:30 depending on their items.  There are many stations that have abysmal selection-  used spandex, old clothes and shoes, and even undergarments (hopefully unused), but if you're lucky you can find some diamonds in the rough.  I walked up to an amazing chandelier that would have been great to fix up a bit with some paint but a woman was looking at it and bought it.  I got a mother of pearl and sterling silver pendant and a vintage beaded evening shoulder bag.  I also found a 1931 Ladies Home Journal which I snagged for $3.  I plan on using some of the photos, ads, and articles to frame in the future.  I forgot to take my camera with me so unfortunately I don't have any pictures for y'all.

Afterwards mom and I had some lunch at my place.  She took it upon herself to trim, water, and spruce up all of my plants.  Hopefully now I will be in much better shape, because they were a mess.

She also gave me a great present that "made her think of me:"  a sterling silver tongue scraper.  This may sound crazy but after you scrape your tongue once with a true scraper (and not just brushing it)  you will be shocked at how refreshing your breath is and how much crap comes off of the back of your tongue. 

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