what's for dinner

Tonight I made risotto for dinner.  It was kinda Andrew's idea in that he suggested mushroom red wine risotto.  I find that a little too rich for the summer, so I made a lighter one with corn, peas, onions, artichokes, and white wine.  I also made scallops to go on the side.  I think it turned out well and seeing as how Andrew ate two massive plates, it couldn't have been too bad.

Here it was step by step (sans recipe, everything was just eyeballed so I can't tell you exactly.  Sorry!)

Boil water,  shuck two ears of corn and add to pot of water.  Corn only needs about 2-3 minutes to cook.  Think about it,  you're not cooking one solid block of corn the size of an ear.  You're cooking the small little kernels

take scallops, dry with paper towel, season with salt and pepper, and sear in some olive oil.  Flip over and sear the other side.

Usually I start the Arborio rice in some butter or olive oil until it turns opaque.  This time, I took the water/juice that came out of the scallops and added it to the pan with a little bit of butter, some white onions and seared until soft.

Next add the arborio rice, probably about a cup, maybe a handful.  I just poured in as much as I thought it would take.

Stir until the rice is opaque.

Slowly add chicken broth, stirring almost constantly.  Each time the rice seems thirsty, add more broth

When you think you're about halfway through with the amount of liquid needed, switch to white wine.  Continue to add until the risotto is no longer thirsty
Don't forget to pour some into your glass!

I chose peas, artichoke hearts and the corn that I cut off the cob.  Chopped them up and added them to the risotto.

Continue to stir

Add a bit of romano cheese

Add to a plate with some scallops and extra corn, top with fresh chopped parsley.  Enjoy!