Sailor's Delight

Have you ever heard that age old waterman's tale  "Red sky at night, sailor's delight.  Red sky in morning, sailor's warning?"   I learned it from my father when we would go down to a small island in the potomac river.  It was previously a presidential retreat that existed out on the Chesapeake Bay back when Hill members didn't fly home for the weekend but stayed in the Washington area.   I've been going ever since I was born, my grandfather and father went, and my dad lived on the island for a year as the caretaker after he graduated from UVA. 

Anyway, I love the quote but once heard someone reinvent it in a beautiful way.  A way I can definitely get on board with.

"Red wine at night, sailor's delight."   

I was down at The Island last weekend and picked up a few spare boards from the farm house that is falling down, and made a new piece to hang in my kitchen. 

I chose a board and sanded it down.

Picked a burgundy color and painted on the saying 
(I practiced on the back first to figure out the layout)

Added a few white accents, 
then sanded them down to ease the effect a little. 

Hung over my kitchen sink.

I used one of the other boards for a project to go in my bedroom, which I will post when I finish.