I'm starting to like Arlington

Andrew and I met for lunch today before I took him to Enterprise to pick up his rental car while the 'a little more than a "fender bender"' GT is in the shop. Of course the wait was an hour for a car and he was on his lunch break so we'll have to make another trip tonight but at least I got to spend some time with him. Our schedules for the month of July leave us without a single day where both of us are in town and not working.

Alas, I digress. As I sat at the table looking at my chicken breast sandwich, yucca and spicy sauce I realized two things: how very much I miss Paige (and Deb) and how lucky I am to live walking distance to a C&J.

I guess living in Arlington isn't so bad.   So I made a list of places that make me happy I moved across the river:
1. Dogfish Head Alehouse: my absolute favorite beer and an affordable, delish restaurant.  We probably go at least two times a month. I dream of owning one of their Alehouses.  Maybe open one up somewhere by the water and live the good life?  Melt me.
2. Ray's the Steaks:  the most mouthwatering steak I have ever had was their NY strip au poivre
3.  Ray's Hell-Burger:  the best burger I've ever had  (second to my brother's home made inspired by the Georgetown University Grilling Society)
4.  Metro 29 Diner:  the black and white milkshake is worth the mediocre food
5.  Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Cafe: walking distance to my house
6.  Harris Teeter:  we don't have any close to where I lived in Bethesda
7.  Clarendon Ballroom:  late night bar time, fun dancing
8.  Hard Times Cafe:  If you want to watch a game, they have plenty of TVs
9.  Spider Kelly's:  I shot the winning bullseye last weekend during a game of darts