what's for dinner

Last week i made paella for dinner.  The recipe came in a recent Food and Wine Magazine and caught my attention because it is from Jaleo's Chef José Andrés.  Jaleo is a restaurant in DC, my hometown Bethesda, and Virginia.   Although you can find the article and exact recipe here, I took some pictures as I was walking through the steps.  I've made this dish twice now, adding to and twisting the recipe both times.  I think the first time it was better, but still tasty the second.

For this, I bought frozen uncooked shrimp and scallops but you could use any type of seafood.  Put them in a bowl of cold water and leave to  defrost- about 30 minutes. Drain the water, remove the peels and tails from the shrimp. Season with salt and pepper 

Next, heat a pan with olive oil.  Cook the shrimp and scallops on one side over high heat until the shrimp are pink on one side- about 2-3 minutes.  Do not flip! Remove from skillet and set aside
 Add one cup Arborio rice to the skillet (there will still be juice from the shrimp and scallops) and stir, cooking it until it is opaque.  Stir in tomato paste, paprika, and garlic until the rice is sizzling, about 1-2 minutes.  (i don't use saffron because i'm too cheap to buy it)

Add two cups of water, one cup clam broth, and one cup chicken stock  (you can use two of clam broth, but in my grocery store it comes in one cup jars and is somewhat pricey so I just use the one jar). Bring to a boil over high heat.

Boil until the rice is still a bit crunchy and about half of the broth is absorbed, 10 minutes. Lower the heat and simmer until the rice is nearly tender and the liquid is soupy but slightly reduced, about 8 minutes. The most recent time I made this recipe I added mushrooms,  It was good but I probably wouldn't do it again.

Add the shrimp and scallops cooked side up.  Cover and simmer until they are cooked, about 2-3 minutes.

Then I add Tilapia.  The Safeway Waterfront Bistro brand is delish.  If I'm just making the tilapia for dinner I prefer the parmesan encrusted, but for this recipe I like the marinated toasted black pepper variety.  It gives the paella a nice bite of pepper.

The fish comes frozen.  Place it on tin foil and a baking sheet.

I cook it in my toaster oven per the directions on the package.  But you could cook it in the oven.  It takes about 18-25 minutes, I can't remember exactly.

When it comes out of the oven, cut the tilapia into pieces and add to the finished paella (you should have the tilapia in the oven the entire time you're preparing the rest of the paella)