unwelcome house guest

Yesterday I spent my day doing laundry, cleaning the layer of film left over from when the hole in my ceiling was repaired, and generally getting stuff done around the condo.  After about my 4th of 5th load of laundry I was finally putting everything away when I tossed a shirt fresh out of the laundry up onto my dresser and saw something move.  It was a cockroach.    I shit you not.

I just about lost it.  I keep my place fairly pristine.  I always clean up the dishes before going to bed, make sure to wipe down the kitchen counters, and I am quite often dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming.  The biggest issue is that I don't fill the kitchen trash fast enough, being just one person in a condo, so it does take a few days before I take it out.  My kitchen never has food sitting out, and I believe everything in the cabinets is closed up pretty securely. 

So what did I do with my little enemy?  I moved the dresser out from the wall (he had scurried behind it), took my blowdryer to get him to come out to one side, then caught him in a little container, scooped him up (which was not easy, it took a couple different tries to really scoop him) and flushed him down the toilet.  Of course this involved a whole lot of squirming out of me. I've always been told never to squish a cockroach- unfortunately I know this from living in a 100 year old dorm in Philly.  Apparently if you crush one, it emits some type of signal for more cockroaches to appear.  I'm not sure if this is correct, but I am not willing to take chances.

Anyway today I'm going to be spending some time picking up anti cockroach materials, making sure everything in the kitchen has been sealed properly, and praying that this was just a one time thing.  That's the unfortunate part of living in a condo, your neighbors could be total slobs and you are awarded greatly for it.