Ode to Jillian

I hope she reads my blog, because this post is almost entirely about my brilliant, crafty, adorable friend Jillian.   I wish I were the fourth girl in their family so we could be more than just sorority sisters.

In college, Jillian had a few ribbons hanging on the wall to her room with pictures, letters and other mementos attached to the ribbons via miniature clothes pins.  amazing, right?  I wanted to have an informal photo wall in my condo that did not require the purchase of mulitple frames (although I am absolutely DYING to find a place and content for a gallery wall). So I copied Jillian's idea and hung a white ribbon in my kitchen.  The mini clothespins I had bought in college when I stole the idea from my dear friend.  I think they were $2 for 50 of them or something like that

here it is back in march, with the HSM birthday card/poster Jillian and Gibby sent me for my birthday:

One day I will do something a bit more sophisticated with this wall in my kitchen, but for now I enjoy swapping out pictures